• “I give my full and most hearty recommendation for Rot Albums.
    Since I switched from my previous printer 6 month ago I have enjoyed nothing but incredible quality printing and great service.
    I exclusively entrust Rot Albums with all of our printing and albums.
    If anything does go wrong, which is bound to happen from time to time, I feel that the team at Rot are absolutely on my side – More interested in makin me happy than what is right and wrong.
    In short, Rot Albums is a trustworthy, hard working, organized and professional printing lab who are thoroughly concerned with their customers best.
    Thanks you Rot for making our printing such an easy part of our business.”

    Shmuel Diamond
    Shmuel Diamond Diamond Images Photography
  • “רוט אלבומים” מדפיס עבורי עבודות צילום מזה שנים רבות,העבודה המתקבלת איכותית ומקצועית ונבחנה לאורך זמן.
    היחס החם והשירות יוצאים מן הכלל.
    אני מאחל לכל הצלמים את הפינוק והיחס אותו אני מקבל.”

    Yaakov Golan
    Yaakov Golan 27 years experienced photographer