Welcome to Roth Albums

Similar to fairy tales, our beginning was romantic… It all started with our wedding – Motti & Zissi Roth’s wedding.
Due to our devotion to quality and perfection we knew we wanted perfect wedding photos. We enjoyed the process and fell in love with this field.

Zissi started to study graphic design and started designing digital albums. Motti also studied the art of designing digital albums and started marketing them amongst photographers.

As time went by, and thanks to Motti’s warm, diligent and friendly character, work volume increased, connections with the photographers tightened and the demand for our high standards increased.

In addition to producing digital albums, we started printing photos and producing all other products required by photographers who wished to provide top quality products to their clients. Roth Albums is all about understanding the market’s needs since it was founded on the basis of social awareness and a great passion to this field.

Indeed, our history created a heritage and constantly creates the future.


Roth Albums Nowadays:

Roth Albums has earned its reputation in the industry due to its motto: Uncompromised quality and service.

Hundreds of the best Israeli and foreign photographers are an integral part of our clientele due to the quality of our digital albums, the professional printings, the models series and the wide variety of sizes we offer at Roth Albums.

Thanks to our strictness regarding the quality of materials and machinery, our albums are known for their durability on the one hand, and their prestigious looks on the other hand.

Our unique selection of covers includes classic, modern, elegant and exclusive covers. We also provide tailor-made covers to fulfill all of our clients’ wishes.

We are the best choice because we offer different and unique designs, tailor-made professional graphics and service with a smile – we love people!!!


Roth Albums – Company’s Covenant:

Each product produced at Roth Album undergoes strict quality control and leaves our premises in perfect condition.

We do not compromise on materials – we use only the best materials.

Each of our products promotes our clients since when the quality of printing and the graphic art express and emphasize the talent of the photographer, the end client is happier and becomes the photographer’s best marketing agent.